The Hebison Team Difference

Real Estate

With several Lubbock Realtors available to list your home, what sets the Hebison Team apart from the crowd?  

Meet Kent Hebison.

The eldest of 6 children, Kent started working at the young age of 9 years-old. Growing up ranching and in the oilfields, he quickly learned that very few things come easy in life. The core of his integrity, doing what's right and working hard, was instilled in Kent at an early age and exemplified through his military experience. "The military helped me refine and enhance those core values that I carry today, and I make a point to pass them onto my daughters," Kent explains. Kent recently celebrated 10 years of marriage to his beautiful best friend, Andrea, and they have two incredible little girls who drive Kent to work harder every day. 

"This business allows me to meet new people and their families who just want someone to take care of them; to look out for them.  As an older brother and father of two little girls myself, I want to look out for the best interest of my client's family as well." 
Kent has been in the Lubbock Real Estate market for over 7 years, and he has witnessed almost every client who comes to him nervous, scared, "unprepared" or carrying a lot of questions.  Kent's response: "That's why I'm here!" Kent wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't take the time to answer all of your questions. He has seen all kinds of trends within the Lubbock market, and he has made significant connections with builders and other agents in Lubbock to aide in the selling of his clients' homes.

What sets Kent apart from any other agent in Lubbock:  Marketing.

One of the key factors in our past client reviews include top-ratings of his personalized marketing strategy that blows other agents out of the water. The proof is in our numbers! With an incredibly strong administrative team behind Kent, we specialize in social media, analytics and an overall marketing plan that simply works. Kent has been a top performer with Keller Williams and continues to exceed his team goals every year.  

Kent arguably has the largest social media following in Lubbock because his clients and customers learn from Kent's team and online content--  it's not just about selling your home. "Clients are better prepared to sell or buy when they have been following us for awhile. We give the sellers and buyers tips to better their position in the market; and when they are ready to start, we've already given them the tools to be better equipped for a sale."  Not many agents can say this!

"What I have learned is that every family wants the same thing--  they want to sell their home for the most competitive price, a really smooth transaction and they want to look forward to something bigger and better. My clients want someone they can depend on! Understanding this makes me want to be that person for my clients, their families, friends and colleagues. Working to provide unmatched service is the reason we have built our team the way we have. We want our actions to speak louder than our words and our values to make a difference for our clients; who in the end become our friends and best referrals!  Bottom line, you deserve someone who meets your selling goals. You should have someone who wants you to have the best in your corner. This is what the Hebison Team represents."

For more information, feel free to call Kent at (806) 577-3811 to set up a time to meet, talk about your selling goals & comparables in your neighborhood, and let's develop a comprehensive plan that works for you. 

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By Kelly Stark